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About Me

I am a freelance photographer based in Malmö, Sweden, where I live with my husband and two daughters. I primarily do work in the south of Sweden and Denmark but I also travel nationally and internationally in the line of work.

During my years as a staff photographer for Sydsvenska Dagbladet I have developed a photographic width that I am proud of. My main interest has been to capture social, political or economic issues. The last four years I have also engaged in culture/feature photography as a contracted freelance photographer.

The absolutely most stimulating part of my job is to meet people, to hear them talk about their lives or projects and then, in turn, to carry their stories forth. This is hopefully signed with my personal touch but always in line with the wishes and needs of the client.

I primarily do reportage, portrait and food photography, editorial as well as commercial work.

Please contact me on e-mail or telephone if you are interested in working with me, discuss an idea or ask a question!


Photojournalism, Nordic School of Photography,  2000 –2002, Biskops Arnö
Documentary photography at Hola folkhögskola , 1999-2000, Kramfors
Practice UNT, mars – june 2002
Practice Göteborgsposten, aug – dec 2002

Selected clients                         

Sydsvenskan/HD Sveriges Radio     
Göteborgs Posten Ordfront Förlag
Dagens Industri Brombergs Förlag
Dagens Nyheter Wrede Förlag
Der Spiegel Egmont publishing
Helsinge Sanomat Bokfabriken
L’Officiel LL-förlaget
ELLE White arkitekter
Tidningen VI Region Skåne
Vi Läser ABF
Allt om Vin LRF
Agenda Media Bon Relations
Faktum Mentor Communicatons
Tidningen Chef Salomonsson Agency
Tidningen Arkitekten My News Desk
Tidningen Förskolan
Neurologi i Sverige